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Adonis Mohyliv
Adonis Mohyliv
Hromada Mohyliv
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Adonis Mohyliv
Adonis Mohyliv
Hromada Mohyliv
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The first promotional video of the Mohyliv OTH

Order a fast delivery of food and drinks to your home or to the beach! (test mode)

Our beautiful Oriel-river

He once lived on the Ryashchansky Hill of the Serpent, who each year captured the best girl from the surrounding villages. One year in those lands settled a family, in which there were three son-blacksmiths and a beautiful daughter. It's a turn and go to the beauties to the Snake. Disagreed with these brothers and decided to fight with the Serpent. They brooded for a heavy sword and started the battle with the Serpent. The forces were not equal, but love for the sister inspired the brothers more and more strongly. The boys won the battle. The weak Snake wanted to drink and began to drink to the Dnieper. The brothers drove the snake into a plow and pierced a deep furrow behind him. Girls freed from captivity cried out joy and filled the furrow with numerous maid's tears. Since then, the Oriel has carried the Dnipro River clean as a teal-teething water. Source:Оріль


Rowing and boating. Labyrinths Rent all. Agrohastronomy. Archery. Scandinavian walking. Tourist trails, bird watching, collection of medicinal plants. Open farms, farm shop, local food. Rope trails, entertainments. Local events and festivals. Craft, master classes. Traditions, culture, historical sights. Biking trips. Socgolph. Home Museums Horse riding and riding on the water. (test)

Cultural Capital 2020

Pure river New wonderful gym School gym Football pitch Many file stores School Kindergarten Sylarra Industrial enterprises Entrepreneurs Who did not mention, write :-)

Mohyliv Dance Fest

The dance festival "Mohiliv DANCE FEST" is held with the purpose of further development of amateur choreographic art, involving the general public and creative intelligentsia in the activities of cultural and educational institutions and amateur groups, establishing creative relations between choreographic teams.   The founders and organizers of the Festival are: Anna & Victoria Sports and Dance Studio, Mohyliv Village Council, Dnipropetrovsk Separated Subdivision of the Institution "Center for the Development of Local Self-Government"

Чи є ще десь така земля, 

Як наша Україна? 

Такі степи, такі поля, 

І гори, й полонини. 

Такі квітучії сади,

І чорнозем родючий,

Такий цілющий смак води

Й народ такий співучий. 

І голосисті солов'ї, 

І голубінь без краю, 

Й укриті золотом поля

Шевченкового раю.

А де ще є така краса, 

Заквітчана в віночку, 

І руса плетена коса,

І вишита сорочка.

І річки пишний водограй, 

Й червоная калина, 

Усе це мій коханий край, 

Свята моя Вкраїна!

Олена Ковальчук

4 вересня 2019 р

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